Share your knowledge. It’s a way to achieve immortality.
-Dalai Lama

During 12 long years of experience of interacting with the students and teaching them computers, I have discovered my goal of life. Many students usually have given up to the challenges come across in their life. They lost their confidence and underestimating themselves. And the seed were sown during our schooling.

Most of the time, when a teacher is trying to teach something, even though we try hard to understand the concept, it just blown away from our mind. We failed so frequently that we lost self confidence. This generates a negative impact on our personality for the rest of the life.

Specifically talking about students learning computer basics and programming languages, suffered with the language barrier. Specially, India, Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh has a majority of students not very comfortable in English as a medium of communication while learning concepts. A good innovative idea can click to any mind, weather he speaks English or not. Unfortunately, many students when get failed to understand computer basics, then started believing that they do not deserve this field or not suited for the field. According to me this is totally wrong.

If English is the only barrier, here I present FREE computer courses in Hindi. Believing on the fact that this is the requirement of large mass. When you explore this site, you will better understand the course content and my intention of providing such video lectures.

I tried my best to convey my intention of providing lectures for FREE and hope you will be benefited.
About me:

Name: Saurabh Shukla
Qualification: MCA from NIT Bhopal (MANIT)
Profession and passion: Teaching
Teaching experience: 12 years
Work Place: Bhopal
Place: Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India

I was always an average in studies during my schooling and failed to understand most of the critical concepts of chemistry and physics. Once I met with a teacher who trained me for MCA entrance exam. From there I realizes the importance of good teacher and good teaching. With all his blessings and hard work I was able to secure All India rank 6 in MCA entrance exam. That was the turning point.

During campus recruitment phase in my college, interviewer asked me about my goal in life, and I responded straight form my heart -“I would love to spread knowledge and give confidence to the students in need”. That was really an honest answer.
I was selected in that MNC with a decent package. since I belongs to a financially poor family, it was hard for me to make decision of rejecting job offer but I did that, because my only love was for teaching. I still never regret on my decision. My students invariably keep me motivated by their thanks messages for the knowledge I shared with them.

My profession gives me satisfaction and opportunities to open new dimensions of learning. The job of giving confidence in students for their knowledge is very pacifying.

Finally, to all my students, all the best for your future. Never underestimate your potential.
Thank You