C++ Notes Vol-1

C++ Notes Vol-1 Download Contains 9 Chapters of C++ language covering theory and references to the videos of same topics. 1. Introduction to C++ 2. Identifiers 3. Input Output Instruction 4. Exploring First Program 5. Function Basics 6. Inline Function

C Notes Vol-3

Download contains a) #14 Pointers b) #15 Application of pointers c) #16 Structure d) #17 union e) #18 Dynamic Memory allocation Each chapter is complimented with an exercise and reference links to the needful videos and other contents.

Online Testing System

Online Testing System Online testing system is a web application developed in PHP-MySQL. It is not just a project with source code but it is a training program on how to develop a web application in PHP-MySQL. If you want

C Notes Vol-2

C Notes Vol-2 Download contains a) #9 Functions in C language b) #10 Recursion in C language c) #11 Arrays in C language d) #12 Two dimensional arrays in C language e) #13 Strings in C language Each chapter is

C Notes Vol-1

C Notes Vol-1 Download contains 1) 8 pdf files containing theory notes of C language a) #1 Introduction to C Language b) #2 Identifiers in C Language c) #3 Data Type declaration instruction d) #4 Input Output Instruction e) #5

Hit Counter in PHP

Hit Counter Application This application is not a simple hit counter but a bit advanced one. It provided three kinds of hit counts: Visitor Counts Unique Visitor Counts Page visit counts You can use this code in any of your

Number Shifting Game in C Language – Rs. 49 only

Mini Project in C Language This game is a simple puzzle which is some kind of challenge to every brain. It is addictive and fun to play. Learn how to develop such game in C language through videos You can

WordPress course for everyone

Learn wordpress Do you know, wordpress has a market share of 51% among all available CMS in the world? Whether you are a big company or a shopkeeper you need a website for your presence in the world of internet.

Red Black Tree Explained Rs. 39 only

Red Black Tree is one of the typical data structure with complicated insertion and deletion rules. Here you can find the concept explained in the most simplest way. Following are the features: – In depth explanation of RBT – Comparison

GUI based Calculator Program in Java Rs. 59 only

A very nice Java program using swing controls to create graphical user interface is fully explained in Hindi. This download contains: Source Code Video covering whole journey of development with narration in Hindi Jar file – final standalone software file