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Either your are preparing for job interview/written exam or you are deep diver in the ocean of technical concepts, this section can help you in building essentials. This section provides videos on deep theoretical concepts, fundamental of topics, tracing of code, building technical concepts, discussing frequently asked questions in campus, tips for interview, company profiles, and many more which can help you in campus preparation.
I have received a overwhelming response for my videos so far, your feedback and praising words motivates me to publish more and more useful stuff. I hope you like this section just as you loved the other section of videos.


Tricky Programs

  • Program to Print name without using semicolon anywhere in the programSolution
  • Write a program to swap two numbers without using third variableSolution
  • How to reverse a linked list? Solution
  • How to find size of a variable without using sizeof operator in CSolution

Find Output of C Programs



What is Wild Pointer in C Language (Hindi)
What is NULL Pointer in C language(Hindi)
What is void pointer in C language (Hindi)
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Find Output of C++ Program

Find output of Java program

Java Interview Questions