Welcome to new educator in MySirG family. Dr. Farhat Umar is a well known public speaker, veterinarian, Technical consultant at Ministry of Agriculture and animal lover. He is from Kashmir and now working in New Delhi. He is a good motivator and take sessions in colleges for students, for working professionals, and on online platforms. He is now associated with MySirG group as he is willing to spread his knowledge and experience with the students of MySirG family. It is our pleasure to have him on our platform.

Dr. Farhat is making courses on public speaking, personality development, English Speaking and English for various exams.

Welcome Dr. Farhat

  • Welcome to the new Educator in MySirG family
  • Speak English Fluently

  • #1- 7 Reasons Why you fail to get fluent in English
  • #2- 5 Awesome Tips for speaking English Fluently
  • #3- 5 Important Grammatical Rules
  • #4 How to learn correct pronunciation
  • #5 How I learned to speak English? My Story – Dr. Farhat Umar