This course will provide you all the basics to develop a web application, which covers HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery, PHP and MySQL. Learn PHP-MySQL in the simplest way possible:

Chapter-1 Introduction to PHP MySQL Part 1 Hindi
Chapter-1 Introduction to PHP MySQL Part 2 Hindi
Chapter-2 Introduction to HTML Hindi
Chapter-3 HTML Tags Hindi
Chapter-4 HTML Table Tag Hindi
Chapter-5 HTML Form Tag Hindi
Chapter-6 iframe in HTML Hindi
Chapter-1 Introduction to CSS Hindi
Chapter-2 CSS Syntax (Hindi)
Chapter-3 External Style Sheet in CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-4 Internal Style Sheet in CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-5 Inline Style in CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-6 How to change color of text in CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-7 How to set alignment of text in CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-8 How to underline text using CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-9 How to convert text into uppercase using CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-10 How to make text italic using CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-11 How to change size of text using CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-12 How to make text bold using CSS (Hindi)

Chapter-13 How to change font of text using CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-14 How to make shadow of text using CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-15 How to set space between lines and characters in CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-16 How to set border style, color, width, radius in CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-17 How to set background color in CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-18 How to set background image in CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-19 How to set width and height in CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-20 How to set margin and padding in CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-21 Anchor properties in CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-22 How to set position of HTML elements in CSS (Hindi)
Chapter-1 Introduction to JavaScript (Hindi)
Chapter-2 Where to write Javascript (Hindi)
Chapter-3 Basics of Javascript (Hindi)
Chapter-4 Variables and operators in Javascript (Hindi)
Chapter-5 Control Statements in Javascript (Hindi)
Chapter-6 Popup Boxes in Javascript (Hindi)
Chapter-7 Functions in Javascript (Hindi)
Chapter-8 Event Handling in Javascript (Hindi)
Chapter-9 How to access HTML elements in Javascript (Hindi)
Chapter-10 How to set CSS properties in Javascript (Hindi)
Chapter-11 Form Validation in JavaScript (Hindi)
Chapter-12 Email Validation in Javascript (Hindi)

Chapter-1 Introduction to jQuery (Hindi)
Chapter-2 Show and Hide effect in jQuery (Hindi)

Chapter-1 PHP Basics Hindi
Chapter-2 Installation of WAMP (Hindi)
Download old version of WAMP
Chapter-3 PHP Basic Syntax and variables (Hindi)
Chapter-4 Types of variables in PHP (Hindi)
Chapter-5 How to run a PHP script (Hindi)
Chapter-6 Arrays in PHP (Hindi)
Chapter-7 foreach loop in PHP (Hindi)
Chapter-8 Strings in PHP (Hindi)
Chapter-9 How to access HTML form data in PHP (Hindi)

Chapter-1 Introduction to MySQL (hindi)
Chapter-2 How to use MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-3 Basic commands to access MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-4 How to create and remove database in MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-5 How to create and remove tables in MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-6 How to insert data into tables in MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-7 How to update data in tables in mysql (Hindi)
Chapter-8 How to delete data from table in MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-9 How to select data from table in MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-10 NOT NULL Constraint in MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-11 UNIQUE constraint in MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-12 PRIMARY KEY Constraint in MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-13 FOREIGN KEY constraint in MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-14 Set DEFAULT value in MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-15 CHECK constraint in MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-16 auto increment in MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-17 How to create user in MySQL (Hindi)
Advanced PHP:
Chapter-1 How to connect PHP with MySQL (Hindi)
Chapter-2 How to select MySQL database through PHP (Hindi)
Chapter-3 Insert form data into MySQL table through PHP (Hindi)
Chapter-4 How to select data from MySQL table through PHP (Hindi)
Chapter-5 Update data of MySQL table through PHP (Hindi)
Chapter-6 Delete data from MySQL table through PHP (Hindi)
Chapter-7 Session Tracking in PHP part 1 of 2 (Hindi)
Chapter-7 Session Tracking in PHP part 2 of 2 (Hindi)
Chapter-8 Ajax part 1 of 3 Hindi
Chapter-8 Ajax part 2 of 3 Hindi
Chapter-8 Ajax part 3 of 3
Chapter-9 How to upload file on server using PHP Hindi