Learning without practice is of no use. Brain has a nature of adapting solutions by experiencing them and not just by listening them. In simple words, our brain needs to experience situations to react in the desired manner.
You must have seen a typist hitting keys on the keyboard with the amazing speed. Actually his brain is trained to give signals to the fingers as soon as brain sees a character from a book. A normal person’s brain requires much time to analyse, process and react.
In the same way, when you attempt a programming problem, it seems nearly impossible, because brain has no prior experience. Somehow you manage to solve that problem by taking hints from others or other means….but you are not satisfied with your result. Dear students, remember you are gaining experience of problems. So keep doing…

Here I am going to provide programming problems on variety of topics and level. I will provide you complete solution videos for FREE. Video contains detail explanation of the solution. My advice to you is, please try program before watching solution otherwise it will have no meaning in skill development.

Please watch this site regularly for new problems.

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