Programming Contest Season-1

For the first time organizes a programming contest on youtube. You can participate in it for FREE. Goal is to encourage students of MySirG family for making programs. This event can be considered as a learning opportunity. The even will start from 29-Aug-2018.

And yes you will be rewarded for your good work. Please carefully read the terms and conditions of the contest.

Terms and conditions

  1. Students from India and other parts of the world can participate
  2. Students from outside India can participate in the contest but no shipment will be send to the location outside India (as a reward in case applicable)
  3. Contest will contain 12 programs
  4. One question will be given at a time
  5. We will announce question through LIVE/Recorded video at 11 PM (Alternate Days) on youtube channel
  6. You can find statement of the programming question in the description of the video and also on this page itself
  7. You have to submit your code in comment section of the video only. sending code vial mail or whatsapp are not acceptable
  8. You can submit your solution within 36 hrs from the announcement of question.
  9. You have to write your name,city,email in comment with the solution of the problem without which your submission cannot be accepted
  10. We will select participants for the rewards on the various parameters like how fast is your submission, correctness, compactness, efficiency, etc. of your code.
  11. As a reward names can be announced in the next video. You can find names of the winners in the description of the video and on this page itself.
  12. Winners of one programming question may or may not be the overall winner of the contest. We will select the most consistent participant and judgement will be taken by MySirG Team only.
  13. No dispute or claim will be entertained and decision of MySirG team will be considered as final.
  14. The whole idea of contest is to promote programming practice among students
  15. Prizes and rewards will be given to the winner students after completion of the contest
  16. The number of winning participants and prizes are not going to disclosed at this moment, but we can ensure you, it will bring smile and joy on your face.

Questions of the contest

t placesDefine a function which takes a string as an argument and return True(or 1) or False(or 0)

  • Winners of Que#10:Monu vishwakarma (Bhopal), Sourabh Patidar (Bhopal), K.Karthik (Hyderabad), Abhinav chauhan (Muzaffarnagar U.P), Aaryan raj (purnea,bihar), RAHUL YADAV (Delhi), surya (Sasaram, Bihar), Abhinav Verma (Allahabad), Nitin Garg (Bathinda, Punjab), Sumit Girwal (Indore)
    • Que12 (22 Sep 2018):Draw first N natural numbers of spiral matrix
    • Winners of Que#12:Tanay Shah (Ahmedabad), Sourabh Patidar (Bhopal), Abhishek Anand (Bhopal), SHYAM BABU SHARMA (NEW DELHI), Mrudul Sankhere (Bhopal), Nitin Garg (Bathinda, Punjab), Amit Kumar (Bokaro), Vibhu kushwaha (Kannauj, U.P.), Gopi Jaiswal (Allahabad), Patel Deep (Ahmedabad,Gujarat), Priyam Roy (Kolkata), Manish Kumar Tanti (Surat), Prithwi Bhakat (Burdwan, West Bengal), Krunal Mathukiya (Surat, Gujrat), Akash kumar (New Delhi), Ayushman Mathur (Silchar, Assam), AMAN BHARDWAJ (kolkata), Balaji Ijjapwar (Pune), Abhay Sharma (Panchkula), Sumit Girwal (Dhamnod, Indore), Piyush Yadav (Kanpur), vikas kumar gupta (Jabalpur), sanchit (Amritsar), Aakash Vangane (Surat), Abhinav chauhan (Muzaffarnagar), Dhruv Tyagi (Silchar, Assam), Kanchan Singh Rautela (Delhi), Dhananjay Tiwari (Kalyan Mumbai), Aditya Raj (Bhopal), RAHUL YADAV (Delhi)