MySirG Loyalty program has a sole objective of growing our family in terms of subscribers on YouTube. Bring more subscribers and we will honour you with gifts and provide access to premium courses for FREE.
You are here because you love the content of MySirG and we have this bond which only we can understand.
Career Guidance, Motivation and Computer programming languages are three major areas of our video content. We all believe this is highly important for the youth.
We never raised funding, so never did marketing. You people are my only support. I am thankful to you as you have shared videos of MySirG and we are now approx 500000 subscribers family.
This time I want to thank you in a special way by sending you gifts on behalf of your contribution in the growth of our family.
The more you bring subscribers, more you will get the gifts.
I will definitely announce the most loyal subscriber of the family.
The procedure to participate in the program and terms are given below, please read them carefully:

Procedure and Terms

Influence people, friends, juniors, classmates, relatives, or anyone to subscribe YouTube channel. Note down his name and his YouTube account link (Read this to know what is YouTube account link) with you somewhere along with his phone number.

Once you have contacted all you connections and got enough list of subscribers, then fill this form (Click here to fill the form). The last date to fill the form is 31 Dec 2019.

One person can fill only one form. Multiple form submission will treated as different entries and will not combined together.

We may cross check provided subscriber details when needed. New subscribers must joined after 1 Dec 2019.

For the gifts entitlement, we have designed the following slabs:

10+ Subscribers – Get a premium course worth Rs. 500/- for free or you can get a discount of 500/- in case you want a course of higher price.

20+ Subscribers – One Premium course worth Rs. 500/- and MySirG Mug

40+ Subscribers – One Premium course worth Rs. 500/- and MySirG T-Shirt

50+ Subscribers – One Premium course of any cost for FREE and MySirG T-Shirt

100+ Subscribers – One Premium course of any cost for FREE and a surprise gift and MySirG T-Shirt

Gifts will reach you within 60 days from the date of announcement of the result.

Free course can be redeemed on or before 28 Feb 2020

In case of any dispute, decision of Saurabh Shukla Sir will be final.

MySirG Loyalty Program